Thermography and Optical

Optimized Solutions provides you next level solutions for understanding and monitoring the health of your devices and equipment by harnessing the power of thermography and optical imaging.

These devices are used to measure and monitor heat distribution and temperature differences in different parts of a particular device or machine. The differences in heat and temperature in a device or machine may occur due to problems with internal resistance or due to vulnerable areas that may have overheated or malfunctioned.

At the same time, optical imaging can be useful technique for detecting gas leakages and other forms of damage that may be hidden from the naked eyes. Some of the products that Optimized Solutions deals in as far as thermography and optical imaging is concerned include the following:


Thermography nowadays is the most effective methods employed for safety concern in all industries. It’s a very efficient way for predictive maintenance in the electrical department of industries and process plants. Our products are widely used in commercial, industrial, construction, security & defense sectors.


FLIR A-Series fixed-mounted cameras are equipped with infrared technology to provide you with a new perspective towards your equipment. These can help you spot anything that might be amiss in the machinery at your plant, including elements such as leakages and internal discrepancies. They can help you spot an abnormality before it gets too malicious or serious, thereby allowing you to access another level of maintenance capabilities. This can considerably help in reducing costs and life-threatening failures, which may be caused due to negligence and a lack of proper maintenance.

A series

Safety and Automation applications

  • Flir A300
  • Flir A310

R&D and automation applications

  • Flir A315
  • Flir A615


Performance Series


  • Good image quality
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • TiS10, TiS20, TiS40, TiS45,TiS50,
  • TiS55, TiS60, TiS65,TiS75

Professional Series


  • MultiSharp™ Focus (Ti450)
  • LaserSharp® Auto Focus
  • 640 x 480 with Affordable SuperResolution (Ti450)


  • Ti300, Ti400, Ti450




  • Compact Design
  • Sharp Resolution
  • Versatile Outputs


  • Measures defects on sheets
  • Positions silicon wafers
  • Steel strip thickness



  • Versatile models
  • Sharp, focussed, visible laser spot
  • Standard serial connection


  • Board thickness
  • Carton dimensioning
  • Architectural part quality control



  • Small Footprint
  • Fast Sampling Rates
  • Versatile Outputs


  • Road profiling
  • Calendared rubber
  • Tire profiling

AR1000 & AR3000


  • Built for tough environments
  • Visible laser spots
  • Standard serial connection


  • Cranes and hoists
  • Length measurement
  • Silo fill heights



  • Long Range at High Speeds
  • High Accuracy
  • Enduring tough environments


  • Port crane positioning
  • Log measuring and positioning
  • Paper roll width and loop control

Optical Imaging

By producing high-quality thermal images of equipment and machinery, infrared cameras and other modes of optical imaging can be used to recreate the entire anatomy of machinery and devices from the perspective of thermal contours. This can allow in-depth insights into how the machinery works, as well as the areas of vulnerability that need to be addressed in order to ensure proper functioning of the same. Some of the products that Optimized Solutions deals with in this case include the following:

Optical Imaging System Camera


  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Border Security Force

Salient Features of the Developed Camera Unit are:

  • Single Camera unit catering imaging from mid-day to quarter moon light conditions
  • 360° imaging using continuous movement gimbal
  • Target at 5 km distance, <30 mm resolution at 5 km
  • A range (about 1 km) appropriate for detecting a person walking at nominal speed
  • Vertical coverage of 100 m from a tower height in the range of 30 m to 50 m
  • Scan repetition less than 60 seconds
  • Mass of the system with a target of 6kg for mounting on gimbal

Short Wave Infra Red (SWIR)

Optimized Solutions is currently developing a SWIR camera for the Space application Center (SAC) Ahmedabad; a unit of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in the technology transfer program of ISRO. Infrared imaging opens endless possibilities for industrial, scientific and security image-processing applications.

Other sensor technologies make it possible to image deeper into the infrared spectrum – but that spectrum is far wider than the visible range. It is therefore commonly divided into subcategories that require different imaging technologies. The wavelength definition of these categories is not based on any norms, but is widely accepted within the imaging sensor industry.

SWIR imaging: wide applications

The use of imaging systems for capturing long wavelength photons continues to increase in many diverse application areas including life sciences, security and surveillance, non-destructive testing, quality control and astronomy. Short-wave infrared cameras enable various new applications or enhance current machine vision systems by imaging beyond the visible spectrum.

Salient Features

  • Focal length: 100 ≤ F ≤200 (mm)
  • 7 inch multiple point touch display
  • Display Resolution : 1024 x (3*RGB) x 600 color
  • Internal memory : 1TB


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